Quick Application rates starting at 2.9% APR*
Quick Application rates starting at 2.9% APR*

Looking For Car Finance In Essex MA During January 2020?

Getting the best deal on a car loan in Essex MA can save you a significant amount of money over the life of your loan. That’s why you need a partner who knows how to get you approved for the vehicle that you want at the lowest car loan interest rate possible and with no hassle.

The AllCreditCarLoans network of finance partners provides quick and easy auto finance decisions for all credit situations. Our finance partners are making more loans, approving buyers with lower credit scores, offering lower monthly payments and making larger loans than ever before. There has never been a better time to get an auto loan than right now.

By working with AllCreditCarLoans, you can get preapproved for a car loan before going to the car dealership, so that you can negotiate as a cash buyer and get the best deal possible.

So, no matter what your credit situation, if you are looking for a quick, no-hassle auto loan at the best rate, just click the button below to get the process started. Our one-page application form is simple and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes.

We Can Get You Financed Despite Any Special Circumstances

You need a new car and we are here to help you get it!

Your chances of obtaining vehicle financing are very good. Via our network of dealer and lender partners, we have many options available to get you financed. Difficult circumstances are our specialty and we have seen nearly every situation possible.

We have helped…

Car buyers get their first car
Car buyers with a past repossession
Car buyers with a past bankruptcy
 Car buyers who are paid in cash
 Car buyers who are self-employed
 Car buyers who receive social security benefits
 Car buyers who are on disability
 Car buyers who are retired
 Car buyers with no money to put down
 Car buyers with a trade-in vehicle

Apply today and let us start helping you get that new car that you need!

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AllCreditCarLoans Follows A Simple 1-2-3 Auto Loan Application Process

No need to wait for hours at a dealership or submit reams of paperwork. No need to worry about your gathering together your credit history. With our streamlined application process, everything is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1 - COMPLETE OUR ONLINE APPLICATION - This process only takes a few minutes. Our simple application is safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your information. There is no cost. Applying for your auto loan is totally FREE.
  • 2 - RECEIVE YOUR CREDIT APPROVAL - Getting your loan approval is fast and easy. AllCreditCarLoans has an extensive lending network, so the approval process is fast and efficient. You don’t have to wait for days, weeks or months. Many applicants receive loan approval on the same day.
  • 3 - CHOOSE YOUR VEHICLE - With our easy as 1-2-3 process, you can buy your vehicle on the same day that your loan is approved. Just visit your nearby auto dealership and negotiate like a cash buyer.
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Your Auto Financing Options

Your credit history and where you are buying your car from will determine the kind of auto loan you need.

Whether you are buying a new or used car from a dealer; you need a program designed to help you get a vehicle loan despite credit challenges; or you are looking to refinance your existing loan - we can help.

We provide a variety of car financing options to suit your needs and credit situation:

Our loan programs are tailored to your exact needs and budget and are designed to meet or exceed the features of national auto finance companies like Capital One Auto Finance, Carmax Used Cars, USAA Auto Loans, Chase Auto Loans, Wells Fargo Auto Loans, Bank of America Car Loans, Navy Federal Car Loans, AAA Auto Loans, Key Bank Auto Loans, PNC Car Loans, Bankrate Auto Loans, US Bank Auto Loans, TD Bank Car Loans and State Farm Auto Loans.

We've provided car loans for first-time buyers, car financing for college students and we are proud to have arranged military and veteran auto financing for service members and their spouses. We've even been able to help foreign nationals and others who do not qualify for a social security number to obtain an auto loan with their ITIN number.

We also specialize in sub-prime auto financing including financing a car after bankruptcy and helping borrowers to obtain a car loan after repossession.

If you are looking for a car title loan or the best place to refinance your car, we have programs that can help you as well.

AllCreditCarLoans works with the best buy here pay here car lots near you, bad credit auto dealers, second chance auto dealers and other car loan lenders to provide the best auto rates.

You are never alone in this process. Our reliable lender partners will guide you every step of the way -- from the time you begin processing your application, all the way to the day when you drive home your new car. Click the button below to let us get started helping you today!

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Auto Finance Calculator For Essex MA

Use the AllCreditCarLoans auto loan calculator to help determine how much you can afford to spend when financing or refinancing a car. You can run multiple scenarios varying the "number of months" and "down payment" values in order to get the monthly payments you are looking for.

We recommend that your total car expenses be no more than 20% of your after-tax pay.

Auto Loan Calculator
Enter a "0" (zero) for one unknown value above.

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What To Know Before You Apply For An Auto Loan

Car Loan Credit Score

Credit scores give lenders an idea of how you manage your finances. These scores are essential in helping you plan your finances well. Likewise, credit scores can be testaments of how well you make decisions, as well as how healthy your spending habits are. Credit scores can help determine whether you pay your bills on-time, if you use your credit cards wisely, and how well you manage your loans.

The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you will likely be asked to pay.

Therefore, if you have multiple loans that are unpaid; if your credit cards have been maxed out and several of your bills remain unpaid, you earn a low credit score. While it does not define the kind of person that you are, your score can indicate an unhealthy financial habit, which can make you appear "too risky" and turn away lenders.

A lot of lenders do not offer auto finance loans to applicants who have a low credit score because they do not want to encounter problems when collecting payments. Some lenders accept borrowers with low scores, but they often charge higher interest rates for the loans they make. This is because they want to lessen the risks that your low credit score represents.

But AllCreditCarLoans is different. We work with leading car finance lenders and auto dealers to help you find the best auto loan terms for your credit situation. Fill out our quick and easy one-page application to let us get you financed today.

Car Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate you’ll receive depends upon your credit history, your income, the length of the loan and the vehicle you choose.

Soft vs. Hard Credit Pull

Your auto lender may do a "soft" credit pull in order to pre-qualify you for a car loan. A "soft" credit pull doesn’t subtract from your credit score the same way a "hard" pull does, but it also doesn’t guarantee you’ll be approved for a loan or that you'll get the exact rate you’ve been quoted. A "hard" credit pull will be required before the loan terms are finalized.

If you are applying with multiple lenders in order to shop the best interest rates, it makes sense to complete all your loan applications within a short time-frame. The credit reporting agencies tend to count multiple hard inquiries made within a short period as only one inquiry.

It's a good idea to know your credit score before you apply for your loan. If you are unsure what your credit score is, you can always use this service to find your credit score.

If your credit score could use improvement, you can work with a credit repair vendor to improve your credit score.

Car Loan Terms

While it is possible to find a lender who will finance a vehicle for up to 84 months, we don't recommend stretching out payments any longer than you need. It’s best to pay off a car loan as quickly as you can since cars depreciate rapidly. The longer the loan term, the more probable that at some point you will end up owing more on the loan than the car is worth. Being underwater or upside-down on a loan is a risky financial situation. The best interest rates are available for shorter loan terms. We recommend keeping your loan term to 3 years for used cars and up to 5 years for new cars.

Auto Loan Restrictions

Some lenders only work within a specific network of auto dealerships. This could limit your choice of vehicles to a handful of auto makes, models and vehicle types.

Some lenders will only work with car dealers so you won't be able to use them to buy a car from a private seller.

Get Your Best Auto Loan!

Steps To Get An Auto Loan

Shopping for an auto has never been easier. Our streamlined process and vast network of lending partners make getting a car loan quick and easy.

1 - Budget For Your Auto Purchase

The first step in obtaining auto financing is to figure out how much you can afford to spend.

If you have a car to trade-in, you should determine its value so that you can factor that into your budget. A good resource for determining your auto's market value is Kelley Blue Book.

Next, you'll want to consider how much money you have to use for a down-payment. The more money you put down, the lower your monthly payment will be. If you need an auto loan with no down payment, don't worry. We can still help you.

Finally, use our vehicle finance calculator to estimate your monthly payment. You can vary the interest rate and loan term to see how that affects the potential monthly payment.

2 - Choose Whether You Want A New Or Used Vehicle

If you are looking to get the most value for your dollar, you will likely be better off financing a used car. For the best results, follow our used car recommendations.

If you've chosen to buy a new car, you will most likely be purchasing the vehicle from a car dealership. In order to get the best deal on new car financing, follow our new car recommendations.

3 - Apply For Your Loan

Click the button below and fill out our quick and easy application form to get started right away!

Get Your Vehicle Loan!

New Auto Loans

New auto loans are the most common type of vehicle financing. Beyond the traditional option of getting approved through a dealer, many consumers have found that they can save money and gain negotiating leverage by arranging their car financing in advance.

Most new vehicle dealerships are able to apply rebates and incentives to reduce the need for money down. If you have negative equity in a vehicle that you're trading in, you may have to provide money down to cover the negative equity so that it's not carried over into your new loan. While buying a new car with bad credit isn't so common, there are many manufacturers that offer lower-priced new autos with attractive financing incentives to make buying easier for people with lower credit scores.

Let us help you get preapproved for that new car loan and you will become a cash buyer. This saves you time at the dealership and gives you the power to negotiate your best deal on any vehicle you choose. Apply for a new auto loan in Essex MA and see how much we can save you.

Get Your Best New Car Deal!

Used Vehicle Loans

A used vehicle loan is our most commonly requested loan. By letting us help pre-arrange your funding source, you know that you'll have the power to negotiate the best deal. Apply for a used auto loan and see what type of rate & term you can get from our participating lenders.

Buying a used auto will typically provide the best value. That's because the prior owners have already absorbed the biggest portion of the car's depreciation and you may have the option to buy directly from a private seller, thus saving dealer fees. We can help you with an auto loan to buy from a private seller.

If you choose to purchase a used auto, you can click here to view used cars near you in Essex MA.

Get Your Best Deal On A Used Car!

Shopping For The Best Auto Loan Rates In Essex MA?

Whether you are looking for the best car loan interest rate for a new or used vehicle, or you want to refinance an auto loan, we can help.

With a lower interest rate, you'll save money and pay off your car loan faster. The single most important thing you can do to save money on an auto loan is to shop for the best auto loan rate before you set foot in a dealership. By knowing what kind of rate you qualify for before you try to buy a vehicle, you accomplish three things:

  • You'll know what range of car payments you can qualify for
  • You can focus your negotiations with the dealer on the vehicle price rather than on financing terms
  • You won't end up getting a higher cost loan than you want

Use our car loan calculator to determine what range of payments you can expect. You can enter your balance, term, and interest rate to calculate what the payment will be. You can compare different scenarios to see how much more you can save by increasing your down payment.

Average Car Payment Interest Rates You Can Expect

Credit Score Range Average APR for a New Car Average APR for a Used Car
781 - 850 3.68% 4.34%
661 - 780 4.56% 5.97%
601 - 660 7.52% 10.34%
501 - 600 11.89% 16.14%
300 - 500 14.41% 19.98%
Get Your Best Loan Rate!

Why Getting Preapproved For An Auto Loan Is Important

Having a preapproved car loan streamlines the buying process because you become a cash buyer and you can bypass the usual salesman's tactic of negotiating based on monthly payment. The problem with negotiating based on the monthly payment amount is that you can easily lose sight of the total cost and end up paying more in the long run.

As you negotiate your best deal, be sure to leave enough money to cover the sales tax and any additional fees. This way your total "out the door" cost does not exceed the maximum amount of your preapproved auto loan.

While you are at one of the auto dealers near you, the finance manager may try to beat the interest rate of your preapproved loan. Before accepting the dealer's replacement loan, make sure that the interest rate is lower, all of the other terms are comparable, and the final total price is less. It's good to be cautious because there is always a risk that the finance manager could juggle the numbers in the dealership's favor and you could end up spending more money than you would with your preapproved car loan.

Get Preapproved Now!

How Does Getting Preapproved For A Car Loan Work?

Car dealers usually offer auto financing through their preferred lenders, typically at a higher loan rate than available elsewhere. Getting preapproved directly with one of our lending partners helps you to negotiate the best auto loan rate before you even get to the dealership so that you can save money in the long run.

When you start your car buying process at a dealership, the salesmen will focus on the monthly payment, which makes it easier to forget about the actual price of the car. But when you show up with a preapproved auto loan, negotiations can be based on the price of the car instead.

How To Get Pre-Qualified For An Auto Loan

When you’re applying with us, the application process is simple and quick. You should have the following information on-hand:

  • Driver’s license and Social Security number
  • Proof of income
  • Employment verification

This information helps our lending partners to get a clear picture of your financial status, making it easier to secure the best auto loan rates for your credit situation.

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About Essex MA

Essex is a coastal town in Essex County, Massachusetts, 26 miles (42 km) north of Boston and 13 miles (21 km) southeast of Newburyport. It is known for its former role as a center of shipbuilding. The population was 3,504 at the 2010 census.

Zip Code Map



Essex Massachusetts neighborhoods include: Chebacco Lake, Essex West End, Main St/Martin St

For more information, see Essex Massachusetts wiki

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Auto Loan Coverage Map For Essex MA

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